8 Factors That Make For A Child-Friendly Home

Whether you already have children or are contemplating having children in the future, if you are investing in a new build, it is best to speak to your house builder about incorporating child-friendly features during the new build process. It would be costly and time-consuming to realise that, as a parent, you actually need some of these features a few months into living in your new home and have to call up your house builder for renovations. Rather get it all done from the get-go.

Here is a list of eight child-friendly features and factors to consider.

Securing Your Garden

You want to ensure that your garden is a safe space for your children, where they can’t just go wandering off. This is why a fence is so important.

Open Plan Living

Open plan living spaces allow you to keep an eye on the kids from the kitchen while they’re playing in the lounge, etc.

Rounded Edges

When it comes to countertops, tables, bannisters and more, you will want to opt for rounded edges over sharp corners to make your home much safer for kids to run around in.

Hard-Wearing Floors

If you have children and pets, you’ll want to invest in hard-wearing floors that are easy to maintain and that can handle lots of foot traffic and accidental spills.


While many families live successfully in two-storey homes, it is much easier for small children to navigate a one-storey home, as there is less risk of injury with the absence of stairs.


The location of your plot is also very important when having kids. Is it a family-friendly neighbourhood? Is It safe to walk around with a stroller? Are there schools nearby?

Out-of-Reach Storage

Children love getting into everything. If you have any items that you don’t want your kids getting their hands on, it is best that you invest in some out-of-reach storey that only the adults can access.

Securing Your Furniture

Some furniture needs to be anchored to the walls if it is to be used safely, especially by children. Tragically there have been many cases in which children have had dressers fall on top of them because of the dresser not being anchored to the wall.

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