• 8 Factors That Make For A Child-Friendly Home
    Whether you already have children or are contemplating having children in the future, if you are investing in a new build, it is best to speak to your house builder about incorporating child-friendly features during the new build process. It would be costly and time-consuming to realise that, as a parent, you actually need some of these features a few months into living in your new home and have to call up your house builder for renovations. Rather get it all done from the get-go. Here is a list of eight child-friendly features and factors to consider. Securing Your Garden […]
  • How To Make Your New Build Feel Homey
    Investing in new builds certainly comes with its benefits. You’re able to design a home to your taste, and all your features are brand new, so there are no faults or issues to deal with. But brand new homes can sometimes feel stark, bland and lacking in character. It can really take a while for your new build to start feeling like home! In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to make your new build feel homey and cosy in the design and building process, as well as once the build is complete! Incorporate Wood A home without […]
  • Getting Your Deck Summer-Ready!
    The shortest day of the year has come and gone and the depths of winter are behind us. This means we can start looking forward to summer and preparing our homes for the summer holidays and festive season, where we may be doing more entertaining than usual and spending more time outside. A large part of preparing our homes for the warmer months is getting our decks summer ready! As expert deck builders in Kerikeri, here are our top tips for breathing new life into your deck so that you can make the most of it in summer 2022/23! Basic […]
  • What To Look For In A Building Company In Kerikeri
    Whether you want to build a new outdoor entertainment space with an amazing deck, renovate a room to better reflect your own tastes, or are excited to build your dream home from scratch, you want to find the right place builder for the job. When it comes to finding a building company or contractor, there is no shortage of options to choose from and finding the right one can seem overwhelming. As a top building company in Kerikeri, Kerikeri Builders is here to share some of the five things to look for in a builder to ensure you’re making the […]
  • Renovate Or Relocate: When To Invest In Renovations & When To Move
    As your family grows, your lifestyle changes and your home ages, you may find that your house does not meet your needs as it once did. It could feel too small, too outdated, or simply no longer practical. When this happens, you come to a crossroads, and the choices you’re faced with are usually renovating your home to fit your needs or selling it and buying a new home. It is definitely not an easy decision to make and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. As professional builders in the Bay of Islands, we have had […]