• Tips Before You Start Your House Renovations In The Bay Of Islands
    If you’ve decided to finally take the leap and move forward with your house renovations in the Bay of Islands, you’re undoubtedly excited! To ensure that the experience is as simple and headache-free as possible, the Kerikeri Builders team is here with some tips to consider before starting your renovations. Have A Clear End Goal In Mind Simple enough, right? Before you can start on your renovation, you need to be clear on your specific goals. Are you looking to increase resale value? Are you looking to bring more of your personality into the home? With a clear picture of […]
  • What To Consider When Buying A New Build Home
    What Are New Build Homes? New build homes are houses that are built specifically for the buyer, and the buyer will move into the home once construction is completed. When creating the residence, your new builds construction workers will communicate with you so that your house is exactly how you want it to be. New build homes are unique in the way that if you want your abode a certain way, you will most likely be able to make that happen. In essence, you can make your own dream house. What Steps Should I Consider When Having My New Home […]
  • What to Consider When Buying a New Build Home
    Build Only Homes vs Buying Off-Plan Two of the most common terms you’ll hear when discussing new builds are, ‘Build only homes’ and also ‘Buying off-plan’. Build only homes refer to homes that you contract a home builder to construct on a section of property, as opposed to buying off-plan which refers to purchasing a home before the completion of its construction. When it comes to buying an off-plan home there are a few key things to take into consideration; the price of these homes are usually fixed, you’ll also usually be required to pay your deposit before the development […]
  • 5 Tips to Renovate your House Beautifully yet Economically
    Do thorough research Before you begin, you’ll want to do thorough research into how you’re going to go about your home alteration, for example, is it DIY or will you hire someone to help. It’s best to divide home renovations into sections, typically by room is a good way to go if you’re renovating multiple rooms or even your whole house. By focusing on one room at a time, you can keep focused and be more detail-oriented so as to avoid unnecessary spending. When you’ve decided what room you’ll be alternating, look into what you’ll need to buy for it. […]