How To Make Your New Build Feel Homey

Investing in new builds certainly comes with its benefits. You’re able to design a home to your taste, and all your features are brand new, so there are no faults or issues to deal with. But brand new homes can sometimes feel stark, bland and lacking in character. It can really take a while for your new build to start feeling like home!

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to make your new build feel homey and cosy in the design and building process, as well as once the build is complete!

Incorporate Wood

A home without any wooden features can feel very stark and cold. Incorporating wood instantly warms up any home and makes it feel homier. You can incorporate wood in the floors, beams, deck and furniture.

Invest In Great Lighting

Lighting that is too harsh can make your home feel like a doctor’s office or a shopping mall. Ensure that you choose light fixtures that suit your personal style and bulbs that have warmer tones. Lighting is truly one of the most important aspects of your home.

Play With Texture

While smooth, sleek surfaces can make your home feel chic and modern, they do not exactly feel cosy. If you want to make a room feel more ‘lived in’, add a rug, a throw, a few woven baskets, or a wall tapestry.The more texture, the better

Put Up Sentimental Items

Do you have any special items from where you were living before? These items could include art, vintage furniture, travel souvenirs, a plant that has been with you for a while, and more. Once these items are in, your house will start feeling as if it truly belongs to you.

Have A Housewarming Party

Hosting a housewarming party is an instantaneous way to make your house feel like a home. Enjoying a meal with your friends and family in your new space helps it feel less like a blank canvas. It shows you the potential that the space has for you to create special memories. You’ll also get your loved ones’ opinions on finishing touches when it comes to decor.

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