Renovate Or Relocate: When To Invest In Renovations & When To Move

As your family grows, your lifestyle changes and your home ages, you may find that your house does not meet your needs as it once did. It could feel too small, too outdated, or simply no longer practical. When this happens, you come to a crossroads, and the choices you’re faced with are usually renovating your home to fit your needs or selling it and buying a new home. It is definitely not an easy decision to make and there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

As professional builders in the Bay of Islands, we have had many clients that have been in this challenging situation, and we always do our best to offer helpful advice that comes from a place of experience.

When Renovation Is Best

In most cases, renovation is usually the more affordable and more convenient option, but that also depends on your home’s renovation needs. Instances in which renovation may be the best option include:

  • In general, you still love your home and like the neighbourhood you are situated in.
  • The cost of renovations will be worth it.
  • You are prepared to have builders in your home for a while as they carry out the renovations.
  • You plan to use builders that are highly experienced with complex renovations and can offer great advice.

When Moving May Be Best

Moving can often be a lot more disruptive than renovations, but can be the better option in the following scenarios:

  • You feel your family has completely outgrown your home, and even renovations would not be able to make your home function in the way you need it to.
  • You are happy to move to a new neighbourhood if need be.
  • You are prepared for all the costs and logistics involved in moving.
  • You want an entirely new home in terms of style, size and location

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong decision. Do your research, discuss with your family, think over your options and follow your instinct!

Are you struggling to decide whether it is best to renovate or move? Get in touch with our builders in the Bay of Islands today to discuss the issues you are currently facing with your home and whether it would be worth renovating.

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